Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Tin, a Mini-Album, and Two Flowers

As part of Kiki-Art's team, I am sometimes responsible of coming up with scrappy recycling projects. For this past week, I altered a tin I was about to throw away. I had already used all of the flowers that came inside of it, so I truly did not think of a reason to keep it until I was faced with this challenge. I am very excited about the outcome, so I decided to create a mini tutorial. (Keep in mind that I am not including measurements because I do not expect you to have the same alterable item as I do. )

Here is what I created:

Supplies needed:
1. Empty tin
2. Patterned Paper
3. Adhesive
4. Recycled Straw
5. Left over chipboard (not shown, but used to create the mini-album)
6. Bling Swirls

Steps to follow:

1. I covered the bottom of the tin with Kiki-Art's patterned paper. Notice that the 12x12 strip did not cover all of my tin. To fix this, I cut a smaller strip of Kiki-Art's paper and adhered it to the tin first.

2. I then took some straw I found amongst my scraps and used it to cover the place where both patterned papers met.

3. I created a blossom (see bottom for tutorial) and adhered it on top of the straw towards the bottom of the tin.

4. I cut Kiki-Art's heart bling in half. I used the left side of the heart a swirl to decorate the center of the tin.

5. In order to cover the tin's lid, I traced the circumference of the lid on Kiki-Art's paper and then cut around it. I then adhered the small strips of Kiki-Art's paper to the border.

6. I used acrylic paint to cover the separation between the circle and the border.

7. I used the straw to add detail to the border of the lid.

8. In order to create the flower I used to decorate the lid, I cut two small circles and tore all around the edges. Then I created a daisy (see bottom for tutorial) and added a brown brad to adhere them together.

Simple as that!! The tin is now done!

To make the mini-album, all you have to do is cut circles out of chipboard in order to decorate them with patterned paper. ( I used a variety of Kiki-Art's Awesome paper) Once you are done decorating the mini-album, you have to punch a hole through all of the pieces you created and attach together with ribbon, a book ring, or whatever other way you want. (I chose to use some of the straw.)

It is important that the circles you create fit inside of the tin you decide to decorate. Here is the finished product with the mini-album inside: :)

Instructions for Blossom:
1. Draw a swirl on a square sheet of paper. (I used a 2'x2' piece of Kiki-Art paper).

2. Cut the swirl out of the square and all around the lines you drew.

3. Start rolling the swirl from the outside in as seen in the picture below:

4. Roll until you can't anymore.

5. Let go of the swirl, and "VOILA!" your blossom is done! (you may have to arrange the "petals" a bit to make it look the way you want it to.)

Instructions for Daisy on top of the lid:
1. Cut 7-8 slits into TWO circles.

2. Take each petal individually and fold in half.

3. Place each "circle" on top of the other, alingning the petals until you like the way they look together. Place a button or a brad in the center of the flower.

I hope you have enjoyed these tutorials! I know I still owe you the flower tutorial... Stay tuned for that!

Love in Christ,


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Ady said...

great tutorial. I especially liked the template for the flowers. TFS.


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