Monday, February 7, 2011

Sweet Times at the Park

Giancarlo threw up last night  and i was concerned for him, so I decided to stay home with him and monitor him.  Once he woke up, and we spent time with the Lord as a family I realized he was feeling much better- so I took them to the park.

It is amazing to me how my children have grown.  I remember the first time I took them to the park.  Noleani was about 11 months old and Giancarlo was barely two weeks old.  I feared the worst all the time as I followed Noelani (with Giancarlo in a sling).  Slowly but surely I have been able to let go, to trust in their own abilities and it has become my favorite thing to do.

I notice their little personalities...  how Noelani is such a Girly Girl and would wait for any moment where she thought I was not looking to run to my purse and take the make-up out.  Then she would hide so that i could not take pictures of her...

On the other hand, you have Mr. Adventurer that never gives up until he get what he wants.  He noticed that going down the steps was not as simple as going up, so he decided to spend the rest of the afternoon trying to go down without having to sit on each step.  Can you believe he practiced until he accomplished it... :)

As I think back on the moment, I am filled with such emotions.  The same way that I look at and admire my children, God looks at us.  He must chuckle when we run and hide to make  ourselves look prettier for Him, or when He sees us trying over and over what He has created us to do.  I know that I have caused TONS of pain to many people, especially God.  I am grateful that today He reminded me of how I am the apple of His eye in spite of all of that..

Love in Christ,


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