Tuesday, December 22, 2009

YaYa *Kiki Art*

If you have spent any time around me as of recent, you probably have already heard the story about how Giancarlo got his nickname. When he was born, he spent a significant amount of time crying. In turn, I spent a significant amount of time telling him to be quiet... lol In Spanish, when you want someone to stop you say "Ya". So, the way I continually tried to calm my baby was by saying, "Ya Ya, SHH". And so, a nickname was born... LOL

Nonina began to refer to her brother as Yaya and at the beginning I though she was shortening Giancarlo's name. It was not until I saw her trying to soothe him that I realized where she got the nickname from. She gently went up to him and said: "Ya. Ya. Yaya". LOL Since then, when you ask Noelani to say the name of her brother, her response is always "Yaya".

The verse on this page is my daily prayer for both my children. It is my desire that they would lean on the Lord so that He could make their paths straight; especially when I am the one leading them wrongly...

The paper I used is absolutely AMAZING!! Kiki Art's AntologĂ­a Familia is great and very versatile. It has papers that coordinate with both boys and girls. The chipboard elements are great as well as the Fun Tape. All of these I used on my page. Make sure you check out their website to see the rest of their product line.

Love in Christ,



kitsNbits said...

Another fabulous layout!! love it and the story is adorable

Ady said...

That's so funny. That was my grandmother's nickname. When I was born they named me after her and my nickname became Yayi. What a great layout to document.

Katrina said...

Nana, I am from the English Kiki DT and I LOVE this layout...so creative and fun!!!!


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