Monday, April 21, 2008

Flat Julie's Adventures

I have had the privilege of having Flat Julie for about a week and a half already. Although I am supposed to be resting, I found it necessary to take her with me to my friend's baptism. On Saturday, April 19, my hubby and I along with a group of friends went over to Key Biscayne to witness how many people were getting baptized. It truly was a beautiful day in which many confirmed outwardly what they already believe in their hearts: Jesus Christ is Lord. Among these people was our great friend Carlos. He has been such an amazing blessing in our lives, and it was an honor to be able to share with him such an important day.

While we were there, Flat Julie had an itinerary of her own. She spent the day lounging in a beach chair and being curious about the world around her. Once in a while she would go and speak to the people that would interest her, but for the most part she was a rebel. I understood her behavior very well because she had been stuck inside her envelope for quite a while. Now that she was finally out and about, she wanted to make the best of her time.

Flat Julie found a motorcycle and decided she would ride it for a while. While she tried out her cycling skills, the owner of the Harley came by and said he was honored to have Julie ride with him. He had me take a picture of him and her. Here is the proof!

After this great adventure, Flat Julie decided she was hungry and got herself a huge plate of food. She ate it while sitting on top of a car. While there, she spotted a beautiful dog and decided it would be a great idea to go check him out. This only left her in the middle of more trouble. The dog spent some time sniffing her. The owner of the dog assured me that the dog was harmless and I believed him. I turned around for a second, and when I turned back to find Julie, all I could see was her face and her little hands. Flat Julie had been buried in the sand. I was left with no other choice but to take Julie and put her back in her envelope.

There she remained only for a little while. My friends and I decided to go to Cracker Barrel and I decided to take her along. (It was way too hot here in Miami for poor little Julie to stay in the car.) Here are some of the few things Flat Julie was able to do here:

If you want to see more pictures of Julie in her Key Biscayne adventure, check out her adventures thread in the E.B.B. Creations forums. I will continue to keep you posted on her whereabouts! :)

Have a blessed day!

"I will say of the LORD, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust." (Psalm 91:2)


sarah said...

Oh, Nana, that Flat Julie showed you how to have a good time, didn't she!! ;) Love the pics, these flat scrappers are just cracking me up! lol

ScrapbookingPrincess said...

Nana, these are great! I'm lovin' the motorcycle pics! Way too funny!!!!

Remy said...

HAHA, that is funny!


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